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ENK Academy x Central Canada Women Football League

With the mission to allow any woman to participate in the game of football, in a competitive and safe context, the Central Canada Women Football League (CCWFL) is proud to announce its implementation of the ENK Academy online platform, powered by Elite NeuroKinetix (ENK). Our objective is to leverage ENK Academy to facilitate the access to football-specific skill development for our players while encouraging positive development of all women athletes wishing to play.

Being an online platform created to optimize performance and streamline skill development in amateur contact sports, ENK Academy allows coaches to recruit , evaluate and train players from a distance, and in person, based on videos submitted by athletes themselves. The videos include a wide range of proficiencies from performance-based testing to fundamental skill development, which are analyzed and cumulated together on the platform to optimize the development of the athlete, track their progress longitudinally, and customize coaching interventions at the individual level. Through ENK Academy, all athletes wishing to join a CCWFL team will get a fair chance to be recruited, from anywhere in the country, while accessing all the tools and resources available to develop as elite and competitive football players . This is an opportunity to break away boundaries, and level playing fields, through technology, as a way to promote participation in the sport.

Launching our recruitment and development campaign for all of Quebec and Ontario

All women interested in registering to the ENK Academy web platform can create an account for FREE at the link below, and then join the CCWFL Development-Recruitment initiative using the code according to their age group.

If you are 18 years old and older, please use this code :


If you are 17 years old and under, please use this code : player-Développementathlète(17-)/Athletedevelopment(17-)-xa12ly46srignvem5fq7

Existing teams

As we keep building the big pool of athletes with the challenges and ID camps organized by the league, players will be able to join the existing teams in their area. Ottawa-Gatineau Capital Rebels, the Montreal Blitz and the Quebec Women's Football Association (AFFQ) will have access to their own ENK group, and each new team will receive customized team access on the platform. These group accounts will give coaches the opportunity to develop skills unique to their players, as well as to evaluate their performance, and provide direct feedback based on videos submitted through ENK, which then combines the data to streamline player development, from a distance, or in person.

For more information regarding the ENK Academy platform, please reach out to Pamela Champagne at

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