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The CCWFL Safe Sport Commitment

Since the launch of the CCWFL, our team has been working on several projects and programs to ensure the best experience for all participants. One such program is the CCWFL’s commitment to Safe Sport.

Safe Sport is a multi-faceted model that aims to develop and foster sport environments that are safe, healthy and inclusive for all participants. Safe Sport’s objective is to ensure greater sport participation by creating, maintaining, and promoting a sport culture and environment that is empowering, positive, inclusive, and equitable for all participants free from abuse, harassment, and discrimination.

The CCWFL Safe Sport initiative will be led by Alexia Tam, a Safe Sport expert specializing in the prevention of maltreatment in sport with a strong background in sports, both on and off the field. This program will target everyone involved with the league and the teams - coaches, referees, managers, volunteers, as well as the athletes. By setting up this program, the CCWFL aims to create a healthy, inclusive and safe sports environment for its participants.

“It is essential to develop a solid base and create a Safe Sport Program from the start of the league. We begin by meeting with the different stakeholders in the league and teams to determine the needs - we will also reach out to those who will be playing in this league” explains Alexia Tam.

More details will follow regarding the deployment of the CCWFL Safe Sport program.

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